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About Our Co-Operative

Motivated by a deep sense of social responsibility, founder Gnagne Ange-Laurent (a French national of Ivorian descent) launched the co-operative Scoopega-Scoops in September 2017 with a group of smallholder farmers. Having studied abroad for several years, when Gnagne returned to the Côte D'Ivoire in 2012, he found his country of origin and people suffering from the after-effects of a Civil War and consequential widespread poverty. He was particularly affected by the living conditions of smallholder farmers.

Scoopega-Scoops co-operative is sincerely committed to fulfilling several key objectives: to better the lives of rural communities; to support and embrace women's involvement; to supply premium, sustainable, ethical and traceable cocoa for consumers to enjoy across the world; to make strides towards generating a more equitable cocoa industry.

Today, Scoopega-Scoops is a flourishing co-operative, boasting a membership of several hundred farmers. The quality of the cocoa produced and sold is always guaranteed and never compromised. 

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  • Ethically produced and sourced cocoa. 

  • Only certified cocoa.

  • Gender equality and female empowerment in cocoa farming.

  • Environmentally sustainable agriculture.

  • Community-building and improving the lives of Cote D'Ivoire farmers.


Ethics and Equality

Promoting a better future for everyone

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Gender equality

At Scoopega-Scoops, we believe that gender equality benefits everyone and is essential if cocoa communities are to thrive. Despite playing a crucial role in the production of cocoa, women continue to have little influence in the sector. We, as a cooperative, are committed to changing this inequity. To do so, we are setting quotas for women’s representation at all levels of Scoopega-Scoops structure. Since our cooperative was founded in 2017, we have established and financed a women’s association, which is dedicated to encouraging women’s active participation in the cooperative and across the wider cocoa value chain. We are proud to say that our female members hold many positions across the board within the cooperative, from farmers to senior management. Our mission is to continue to empower women by providing equal access to training and resources. If we unite together, the future will be brighter, healthier and more prosperous for our community.

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Caring for our community

The African proverb, 'it takes a village,' rings true here within our cooperative community. Scoopega-Scoops was born out of a desire to make a difference to the lives and livelihoods of smallholder cocoa farmers, their families and the community in which we all reside. Our cooperative is motivated by the spirit of togetherness. We strive to work democratically, pooling resources, helping one another, in order to achieve a greater common good. Our mission is to create greater equity in the cocoa value chain. In doing so, we can build peaceful communities, reduce poverty, contribute to skill-development, offer better education and ensure the welfare of our loved ones.

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Saying "NO" to child labour

Very sadly, stories of child labour continue to plague the cocoa industry. Poverty is the biggest driver of child exploitation in smallholder agriculture. We need to make a concerted effort to bring this tragic reality to an end. Child labour is a violation of human rights, that deprives children of their childhood and much-needed education. Under no circumstances do we allow children to be part of our operations. This a pledge that we take very seriously. All farming activities in the cooperative are closely monitored to ensure that no child is subjected to exploitation.  

Ecological Footprint sustainability conc

Only sustainably-farmed cocoa

Illegal cocoa farming is driving deforestation on a devastating scale here in the Côte D’Ivoire and across West Africa. Protected forests are being razed to the ground to accommodate more and more cocoa plantations. Beans harvested from these areas are then sold, making their way into the cocoa supply chain before being made into much-loved edible products enjoyed across the world. More than 80% of our rainforest cover has disappeared since 1960. If we do not act, then all forest cover will be lost by 2034. Scoopega-Scoops is devoted to ethically-responsible farming, in the interests of preserving our ecologically-diverse environment. We guarantee 100% certified, sustainably-sourced cocoa. To be a member of our cooperative, smallholder farmers must be registered with the Rainforest Alliance to assure that they share our goal of conserving our precious natural surroundings.

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"Our co-operative truly believes in the integrity of high-quality, sustainable cocoa farming. Local exporters and international clients rely on our expertise to grow, source, collect, buy and deliver premium beans."


"We are motivated by a deep sense of social responsibility to help our rural communities and to provide consumers with traceable, ethically sourced cocoa."


Quality chocolate starts with quality cocoa

From beans to bars

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Our cocoa trees

The cocoa produced by our farmers is harvested from two varieties of tree, both of which deliver distinct, delectable beans : 

  • Theobroma: this tree's name is originally derived from the ancient Aztec language meaning "food of the Gods". 

  • Mercedes: a faster-growing and maturing tree. 

Once the seeds have been selected, we proceed to picketing the fertile lands which have been tended to and irrigated. Seeds are sown on lands among banana trees, which offer much needed shading for prime cocoa growth.

Harvesting our cocoa

When harvest is upon us, large ripe pods are cut from the trees. In the field, the pods are manually split and the beans are then removed. Following the harvest, the crop is taken to our nearby collection centre where the beans are weighed, recorded and left to drain. They then undergo a fermentation process over the course of 5-6 days, during which time they are wrapped in banana flowers and placed in boxes or ovens to generate favorable hot temperatures needed for their transformation. Quality control is imperative to our operations, so the temperature and pH levels of the beans are carefully monitored. Once complete, the beans are meticulously dried, ensuring every side is exposed to the sun, before being cleaned and packed into conventional bags.

Throughout the entire process, we pride ourselves on maintaining complete traceability, with the farmer’s name, fermentation and production dates systematically recorded. We are firm believers in transparency to benefit the food supply chain and to satisfy an ever-increasing consumer-conscious society. 

Cacao beans drying at a farm in Latin Am

Meet our team


Gnagne Ange-Laurent

Founder & Chairman

Gnagne was born in France and raised in the Côte D'Ivoire. He pursued his ambition to attend university in Europe. Being bilingual, Gnagne was fortunate enough to be accepted to study law in both Angers and London. When he returned to the Côte D'Ivoire, he found a country suffering from the after-effects of Civil War and consequential widespread poverty. He was particularly affected by the living conditions of smallholder farmers. This compelled Gnagne to act and to strive for a more equitable, democratised and cohesive agricultural industry.

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